Time to Replace – R22 – Time is Running Out

Most older air conditioning units contain gases that are no longer permitted due to European Regulations. From 1st January 2010, it is illegal to use Virgin R22 gas in air conditioning units and from 1st January 2015 the use of recycled or reclaimed HCFCs will be prohibited so these units will then have to be replaced.

Three good reasons to replace old R22 air conditioning systems

The advantages of state of the art technology – In recent years, technology has advanced significantly with regard to energy efficiency. Compared to outdated R22 systems, modern systems cool and heat more effectively and more quietly while consuming considerably less energy.

Major need for refurbishment – Thousands of old R22 systems will need to be replaced in the near future. Expired warranties, high operating and maintenance costs, unsatisfactory comfort conditions and decreasing reliability all call for prompt refurbishment and investment in new air conditioning systems. These can be replaced on a phased and planned basis to meet budgetary requirements.

Use if R22 banned under law – Recycled R22 can only be used in refrigerant circuits for servicing and maintenance purposes. From 2015, R22 systems may no longer be filled with R22.

Download Environmental Protection Agency (epa) guildelines here


  • All our engineers have achieved City & Guilds 2079 Level 1 F-Gas Certification and are fully trained to carry out installations of new systems and or replacing existing equipment in order to comply with current legislation.
  • We hold a current F-Gas Company Registration Certificate for handling of F-Gases in accordance with Regulation 5(2) of S.I.No. 279 of 2011 and Article 5(4) of the F-Gas Regulation.
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